SPA a day keeps the stress away!!

Hello ladies, How are you? I hope you all are doing great.

Two days back I was invited by the owner of KARACHI LADIES CLUB to review their services.

A day of pampering is exactly what a girl needs!

First of all the ambiance of the KLC was really calm and peaceful.

The theme of this club is yellow and white. (Yellow is truly joyous and radiant colour it execute warmth, inspiration and vitality.) So, basically the colour represents freshness, energy and POSITIVITY to the environment.

Hygiene and cleanliness was up-to the mark. Everything used during the facial was disposable.

They provide us with 2 services:

• Organic Facial.

• Massage.

I opted for Aloe vera Hydrating Facial and Back massage. The products were all ORGANIC and made freshly at the time of application. They don’t use any blackhead extractors or any other tools on your skin.

Facial: The facial was very soothing which was 45mins long. The foot massage for 5mins was added bonus to it.

Massage: Before starting the massage, the lady asked me to smell the oil just to feel relaxed. The massage last for 30mins. It really helped me to ease the tension. It was very effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. The background music was plus plus.

I had a really TIP-TOP experience. Definitely going to try more of their services soon.




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