Cake; A roller coaster ride of emotions.

Hello squads!

I’m back with new blog post, in this blog I’m going to express my thoughts on the Lollywood movie ‘CAKE; the film’. So lets get into the blog.

Cake; A roller coaster ride of emotions.

The Title Cake:

Cake is a symbol of how sweetness makes life’s bitter moments worth tolerating. Just like preparing a cake, one must be cautious of the ingredients to use. The reason why I call it an emotional ride of roller coaster. The beauty of every relationship is just like a cake, layered with different emotions.

The Cast:

Asim Abbasi has been very cautious in casting actors who look the part rather than going for the popular ones. The movie has different layers. We have Aamina Sheikh and Sanam Saeed playing as the two sisters with Faris Khalid being their brother and Mohammad Ahmed playing their father and Beo Zafar, their mother. Adnan Malik is playing a very decent role and then there is Mikaal Zulfiqar .

All the characters are adding, layers upon layers.

The Powerful Script:

The credit goes to Asim Abbasi for penning down such a powerful script.

Sharing some of my favorite dialogues with you all.

“Agar kisi kay khuwab tumhare liye ahem nahi, iska yeh matlab nahi kay woh ahem he nahi hain”.

“Is ghar mai cheezain reh jati hain aur log chale jate hain”.

“pata hai pachas saal baad jab aj bhi mera buddha uthta hai nah tou mai oskay gaal khenchti hon bump pe chutki leti hon”.😛

Now my most favorite,

“Tum ne betiyun kay samne paad mara hai, padoura ban gaya hai is umar mai. Meri kismat mai padauray likhe hain”. 😛

The Music:

The track ‘Meri Duniya‘ by The Sketches is simply amazing, it’s a catchy, contemporary tune with lyrics that are soft and soothing. The instrumentals are soulful and guaranteed to touch hearts.

“Meri duniya kay rakhwalay sun, tu he tou hai, tujhe mai kaheen Khuda.. Mujhe dikhay.. Khuda.. “

The founder of Sketches, Saif Samejo’s first movie as a music composer. He has done a decent job and that too when he has competition in the form of RD Burman in the movie. Yes, You heard it right. The classic “Piya tu ab tou aaja” on screen after the makers had acquired the rights properly and used it in the film.


The idea that life prepares you for everything except your family. Cake, directed by debutante Asim Abbasi, revolves around a dysfunctional family.

Zara (played by Saeed) has left home many years ago for mysterious reasons, Zareen (Sheikh) is the veritable head of the family, taking care of everyone. When their father is hospitalized, the family reunites in an unexpected way, reluctantly unfolding past wounds, hidden secrets and sibling rivalries.

This family drama is mixed with humor and the characters warrant understanding – layered, well-developed individuals brought to life by some of the most stunning performances I have seen to date in Pakistani Cinemas.

The lighting and cinematography is very well done as well. A few scenes were strangely out of focus, but aside from that, Mo Azmi has done a spectacular job bringing the story to life. The sound of the film is also unique – rather than being dubbed, all the audio has been recorded on set, giving it a lot of depth and helping the audience connect with the moments.

I only wish he had worked on the Sindhi accents a bit more. Ps, The Subtitles were not there specially for sindhi. It was much needed. But the stellar performances, the great direction, the fantastic cinematography – all of those contribute greatly to the success of a film.

Congratulations Asim Abbasi and Thankyou for giving us such a beautiful genre. From the art work & poster to the movie itself each and everything is beyond words.

May this be a wonderful journey for the film Cake which has risen our expectations and aspirations towards Pakistani cinema. Thank you Asim and Team for bringing a wonderful piece of heart and soul to our tables for us to have a slice.


For all the movie lovers, Grab a bucket of popcorn, sit back and enjoy the movie. Don’t forget to have a piece of a cake if you like the movie.


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