Pros and Cons of Skipping Rope

Hello people! 

I’m back with another guest post. In this blog we’ll be talking about the Pros and cons of Skipping Rope.

Down the memory lane, reminiscing childhood takes you to the other side of world and brings the brightest smile on your face. Nobody can deny about this cherishing phase of life which leaves you with unforgettable memories.

Okay let’s come back, keep the emotional drama aside and talk about something related to the thing we all used to do. (BTW I’m still doing it)

Skipping, health, fitness

Fitness with fun, what am I going to write on? Any guesses? No?Hold on ladies!

 Read the quote below, it may help you in guessing.

“Skipping rope every day, keeps the fat away.”

Skipping rope or jump rope is one of the exercises you did or doing for fitness. It has been the part of life since childhood, no matter who you’re? Either a boy or girl.

It is equal to do any other cardio-work-out, jogging and running. In this fast and furious world, to manage time for working out and keep yourself that much fit is somehow difficult to manage; especially the working women. And skipping rope is the best option to get back to-your-real-self.

Health, fitness,

Pros of skipping-rope:

As I told you that skipping-rope is equal to running and any cardio-work-out, therefore, it results in the best way out.
 As a body-toner 

***It increases the ability to transfer and circulate the blood & oxygen to and from your heart.

***It strengthens your heart and keep you away from heart-stroke and cancer by creating endurance. 

***If you skip rope twice a day for 15 minutes, you’ll burn 350 calories. 

 ***Skipping rope has amazing results for thighs, it helps to give your even smarter look.

***Jumping up and down may seem to do nothing, but it helps to shape your body as it involves the lower and upper part at the same time and tones your muscles.

***Not only your legs, the arms moves continuously with a pace and rhythm that you need not to worry about bulky-arms.   

***Belly-fat can be reduced also. So stop waiting for any miracle and start skipping-rope.
For better skin:

***To make your skin feel beautiful, you need to add the lifetime ingredient of taking exercise. 

***A session of 15 minutes helps in circulation of blood properly and provided all essential nutrients to your skin.

***When your body sweats, it brings out all the impurities and flush out the toxins.

Have you ever noticed the post-workout glow? ( Notice it dude) 
Excuses free:

***To get rid of any exercise, everyone makes excuses when you’re away from your home. But this exercise doesn’t accept any such excuse. 

***It is easy to go with. I mean you can put the rope in your bag if you’re traveling somewhere. 

***Other workout machines can be available in high prices, a rope is available in reasonable prices in the market.

***You don’t have to wait for a specific place to skip, it can be done  at any suitable place.

***No need to get worried about joining gym because you can do it at home so easily.

Skipping Rope, fitness pros and cons

Cons of skipping-rope:

There are countless pros of skipping-rope but the cons are very few.

***If you have joints pain, you shouldn’t try it until you get better.

***Soreness of muscle is not an extraordinary thing to happen. When you start doing any work out,you have to face this fatigue. So take it step by step and you’ll feel good after 3-4 days. 

***Don’t skip rope during periods, it will make the flow heavier. 
I hope you would like it and apply it to keep yourself fit. 

Don’t make excuses, let it happen in the simplest way. 

Love and peace to all!



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