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I’m back with new blog post, in this blog I’m going to express my thoughts on the Bollywood movie ‘MOM’. So lets get into the blog.



The Whole theme is a based on revenge. So, the poster is inspired by the modern form of art which repreasents ” MAHABHARAT “.

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    Poster 1



    I will not talk about the story go and find it by yourself:p but this quick and short review on some basic things which I noticed as a media student will convience you to watch the movie. 

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    Poster 2

    The plot is simple (Kinda Weak, as it was 

    predictable from the trailer) yet its well executed with excellent production values, cinematographer Anay Goswami’s frames are glossy and aesthetically captured. One of the outstanding scenes and my most favorite is the top angle shot of the car moving on the deserted road at night. This visual,accompanied by A.R. Rahman ’s brilliant music, is haunting and is easily one of the highlights of the film. 

    The screenplay and production work is going to make you feel connected with the plot though I think that the dialogues could have been much better but as it is said “simplicity is the best policy” so its maintaining the charm of the plot. 

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    Poster 3

    Now, Talking about their performances; 

    This is Sridevi ’s three hundredth film and solely her canvas. She has a great grip on emotions and becomes the Everymom bringing alive the vulnerabilities, fears, worries and helplessness of any and every mother. Indeed, A brilliant performance by her.

     Nawazudding Siddiqui’s creepy performance as a detective is another factor that makes one sit for the movie. Adnan Siddiqui did a neat job , but again the script does not permit him to shine.

    Akshay Khana ‘s performance was just okay. Now talking about Sajal Ali ; She is now a threat for many actoress in Pakistan “Baray parde ( big screen)wala charm hai bandi mai. Ps, I am sure that now the producers in Pakistan have to pay her more. Bandi ne bohat he natural acting ki hai. May be its because, her mother was diagnose with cancer while she was working in this project. So the pain could be easily seen in her eyes and that brings a very natural and realistic performance from her. Kudos to her for her acting skills as at the same time the reality was so much different.

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    Crowd at the cinema

    Final Verdict:

    Its a highly recommended movie. I am sure that you all are going to love this movie because of the good production and screenplay which is emotional and connective. Over all its a good movie.

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    Box office

    Ps, Dont forget to grab a bucket of pop corns. 


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