Beat The Heat With Honey Lemonade

Hello people! I’m back with a new blog post. As you all know that Ramadan has arrived. So I am going to be blogging about some quick and easy to make recipes that you guys could try this Ramadan. 

In my today’s blog I’m going to tell you guys how to beat the heat with honey lemonade.

​Fasting in the overpowering Middle Eastern heat can seem like a very daunting task. The challenge when Ramadan and summer coincide is that summer is all about leisure, and Ramadan is about pushing ourselves spiritually. All you need to do is load up on replenishing drinks after breaking the fast.

Bring on the refreshing lemonade and the cooling mint!

Honey Lemonade, Ramadan, beat the heat.
Honey Lemonade (Google image)

Homemade Honey Lemonade with Fresh Mint recipe!

 All you need to get your homemade lemonade zest on is some honey, mint, ice, and yes, you guessed it, lemons!


•1 cup honey, raw honey recommended

•1 1/2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice, seeds removed

•2 lemons, sliced into thin rounds

•8 cups water

•1/2 cup loosely packed mint leaves

Honey Lemonade, Ramadan, holy Month, heat, summer
Honey Lemonade with fresh mint (Google image)


Heat 1 cup of water on the stovetop over high heat until steaming. Remove from heat and add honey, stir until dissolved. Allow to chill in the refrigerator. 

Add to pitcher chilled honey mixture, remaining water, fresh lemon juice, and lemon slices, stir to combine. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Add ice to individual glasses, if desired. Serve with fresh mint leaves. Enjoy!

Hope you all like this blog. Do try this at home & Happy Ramadan to all. May this Holy month brings a lot of happiness to you and your family. ❤


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