Jay & Kay: Classic Pullover Hoodie

Hello Gorgeous people! 

Happy New Year Everyone ❤❤

I’m back again with a new blog post. As you know that winter is here and everyone is searching for a good and affordable brand to get themselves some nice and comfortable hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts and pants etc. I’ve came across this brand called Jay and Kay and really like it so I thought why not collaborate with them.

Jay & Kay:

Just to let you know more about Jay & Kay I’ve talked to one of the cofounder Jawaad    He said and I quote, ” Their goal is to provide Branded quality such as Gap, Abercrombie, and quality on the level of all those internationally big companies but at really reasonable and good prices. That are affordable to local Pakistanis. They want to be the first official Brand of Pakistan to be internationally renowned and want to make sure they only manufacture in Pakistan, employ Pakistanis and provide justifiable wages and show all the rest of Pakistani companies to not disadvantage Pakistani middle class people! The aim is to be fair, to provide excellent customer service, to think about customers and never to cheat anyone. That is there brand ethic.”

Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/jayandkay.official/

Website: http://www.jayandkay.pk

Jay and kay

Classic Pullover Hoodie: 

They have got this classic pullover hoodie in three different colors i.e navy blue, Grey and black.  I’ve got this hoodie in Grey colour. Honestly I was not expecting that their products are going to be this good. They use pure cotton material in all their products. 

This casual Classic Pullover Hoodie is a authentic design features many tasteful details include a thicker drawstring, a wide kangaroo pocket that extends to the hem and a vintage texture. A playful style that’s an alternative to the standard hoodie. The hood keeps its shape even when its not being worn, adding a stylish impact. 

Classic pullover hoodie

The hoodie is great! I was looking for a hoodie that is slightly oversized but fitted if you know what I mean. The length is perfect. The quality is great and the prices are very reasonable. This brand is basically for men but all of their products are unisex. The only downside is that they don’t have much bright colors, they’ve have all the neutral colors. Other than that I love this brand.

Hope you guys like this review. Do checkout their clothes cause they’re amazing. Till then take care ❤


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