Reasonablez Pressed Glitters Review

Hello beautiful people!

I’m back with a new blog. In this blog I am going to review some of the very trendy pressed glitters by So let’s get into the blog.

Reasonablez is an online store. Where you can find different types of beauty products including pressed glitters in various colors to die for. They try to bring best for their customers in reasonable rates.



Pressed Glitters:

I’ve got three pressed glitters from reasonablez. In golden, white and Bright pink color. They come in a cute little plastic containers.Pressed Glitters ❤

Pressed Glitters

I didn’t expect them to be this good honestly. I was expecting these glitters will be OK  OK cause i haven’t tried anything like this before but they turned out  really awesome. These pressed glitters glides smoothly over your eyelids. They gives you a sparkling yet elegant look. You can use them on your eyelids and as well as on your lips to give them a trendy sparkle look.


​They have these pressed glitters in various colour so you can choose any colour that you want. I definitely going to try some shades cause I’m in love with these glitters. Do try them and let me know.

Till then take care ❤


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