Review: Masarrat Misbah Products

Hello beautiful people! 

I’m back with a new blog post. In this blog I’m going to review two products from Masarrat Misbah. Let’s get into it.

Masarrat Misbah:

Masarrat Misbah, an entrepreneur and beautician of international fame turned philanthropist, is one of the most successful business women in Pakistan. Her charismatic and promising personality reflects vividly in her love for beauty and more importantly her warmth and sensitivity towards those who have accidentally lost it. The next step in the evolution of the Masarrat Misbah brand was to take her 35years of experience and turn it into a beauty product so that every woman can carry a piece of empowerment with her. Their products are certified halal.


  • Ethereal Glow in shade Radiance
  • Liquid Lipstick in shade Valencia


They have Ethereal Glow in 3 luminous shades which will give you the glow that you deserve. I’ve ethereal glow in shade Radiance. It is pinkish and mergenta in color. I really like how this blends easily and gives you a natural look. This ethereal glow radiance works best for me

Ethereal Glow in shade Radiance
Masarrat Misbah

The liquid lipstick which I got from Masarrat Misbah was in shade Valencia. This lipstick offers a rich, creamy opaque sensation and gives you color that lasts from work to fun all day long. I really love this lip color, it looks co elegant and cool. The good thing is that all of their products are certified halal. 

Liquid lipstick

Hope you guys like this review, and do try some of their products. They work amazingly on everyone. Till then take care ❤


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