Benefits of Walnut Oil by Naturals Pakistan

Hello people! 

I’m back with a new blog post. In this blog post I am going to tell you how to use the walnut oil by naturals. So let’s get into it.

Naturals Pakistan:

Naturals is a brand of luxury and pure oil for skin, hair and diet. They have a great range of oils and delivered all over Pakistan. 

Naturals Pakistan


Walnut oil is high in both vitamins and minerals. It works wonders on the skin and is highly recommended for people who want a flawless and ageless skin. Here are the benefits of walnut oil for healthier Skin and Hair.

You can use the Naturals walnut oil the following ways:

Walnut oil for Healthier skin: 

Walnut oil can be applied Neat ( undiluted ) on the skin. Regular application of small amount of walnut oil can provide the following health benefits for skin.

* Reduces the signs of ageing, wrinkles. Apply it on wrinkle prone skin and massage the skin in various circular motions. It is actually very good for eye wrinkles where the skin is very thin and easily prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

* Protects the skin from free radical damage – If you are regularly applying walnut oil to skin, many antioxidant compounds get stored in the fat layer under the skin. There they provide antioxidant power as and when needed.

* Relieves fungal infections of skin – Apply walnut oil to fungal infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot  and candidiasis. One can mix it with coconut oil, or oil of oregano which are powerful anti-fungal themselves.

Walnut oil

 Walnut oil for Hair:

Walnut oil can be applied directly to hair to make it smooth and glossy. However, one can get greater health benefits by taking walnut oil in diet. Well, that’s because walnut oil is also very high in omega – 6 fatty acids.

Walnut oil can be added to egg yolk to create a protein enriching hair treatment. Add few drops of walnut oil to egg yolks. The nutrients in egg yolks are better absorbed in the scalp skin in presence of healthy fatty acids from walnut oil. This penetrates deep into the hair follicles and boosts the protein content of hair shafts. Our hair is primarily made up of protein and water, so this treatment helps a lot.



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