BIOAQUA: Golden Osmanthus Eye Mask Review

Hello beautiful people! I’m back with a new blog post. In this blog I’m going to review eye mask which I got from born pretty store few days back. So let’s get started.

Born Pretty Store:

Born pretty is based somewhere around China. You can find any thing in born pretty store from head to toe. They have a very large collection of nail art. They provide free shipping all around the world which I think is really good cause shipping cause a lot. Their products are very reasonable in price.



                    Use this code “SZAT10” to get 10% off on all your products.

Born pretty store
Bioaqua eye marks


The eye mask comes in a hard transparent plastic jar with a golden color metal cover. The packaging looks quite good and attractive


This is very reasonable in price. It cost around $8 but you can get it on $4.99 its discounted price. Link of the eye mask is below.

Golden Osmanthus Eye Marks

Eye Marks:
Bioaqua Golden Osmanthus Eye Mark efficiency is to whitening, hydrating, remove fine lines, particularly for eye edema, pouch and dark circles caused by staying up late and lack of sleep. Quickly to moisturize and relieve tension, elimination of eye fatique and eye fine lines, firming pouch, make the eye skin smooth and elastic.

It contains about 80 pieces of thin sheet masks with osmanthus fragrance and small flowers. It comes with a tweezer shaped object (made of plastic) to take out the mask easily. 

Born pretty store
Golden osmanthus eye mask

After using this for about a week, I started seeing the difference. My eyes looks brighter and the area around my eyes looks hydrated. The dark circles around my eyes started to fade. When you apply this mask, it gives your eyes a cooling effect that   calm your eyes and relieve tension. It does make your eye skin smooth and elastic.

So in a nutshell i would highly recommend you this eye mask. It does what it says. 

Till then take care โค


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