SnF Products: Peshawari Sandals

Hello beautiful People!

My today’s blog is about the Peshawari Sandal that I’ve got from SNF Products.

So let’s get into it.

SNF Products: 

SnF provides an opportunity to Redefine Yourself. It is an online retail store specializing in ladies shoes. Their diversified range consists from pumps traditional khussas along with trendy slippers and sandals whethere you’re a working women, stay at home mom or university students they have a product for everyone.




Its time to Redefine Yourself ❤

What is Peshawari Sandal? :

Peshawari sandal/chappal is a traditional footwear of Pakistan, worn especially by Pashtuns in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region. … Peshawari chappal is worn by men casually or formally, usually with the Shalwar kameez dress. Because of its comfort, it is used in place of sandal or slipper in Pakistan. 

Peshawari Sandal for womens

Now these Peshawari Sandals are available for women too. 

My Review:

As you know that SnF Products is an online retail store sspecializing in ladies shoes. Their collection is very trendy and consists of traditional khussas, Peshawari Sandals, slippers and pumps ………. Etc. 

Peshawari Sandal

Nowadays Womens Peshawari Sandals are very trendy in Pakistan. They give you a traditional/Desi look. The lower part is made of a good quality rubber sole which is easily available and very hard wearing. The upper part of this women Peshawari sandal is made of net with mirror,ribbon and thread embroidery work on it, to make it more attractive and appealing.

These sandals are very comfortable and it is quite to walk-in. I’m in love with them. Going to get some more of these sandals from SnF. I would highly recommend you these Peshawari sandals. So go get yours.

Till then take care ❤


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