Review: Nature Charms Products

Hello everyone! ❤ I’m back with a new blog post. In this blog I am going to review a few things that I’ve got from Nature Charms (Beauty Herbs & Oils).

Nature Charms (beauty oils & herbs)

Nature Charms:
Nature charms is a line of organic, personalized, handmade beauty products.They create 100% natural products made from valuable plants, oils and fruits. Nature Charms specially formulated blends and recipes provide pure, rich minerals and vitamins best suited for your particular skin type. Skin responds happily to these nutritious foods and you notice visible change within days. Indulge in the magic of fresh pure and rich nature treats.




  1. Exfoliating & Nourishing Hand + Foot Cream.
  2. Nourishing Lip Balm


They need to improve their quality of packaging a little bit to make it more appealing and attractive. In a nutshell it was okay.

My Review:

Exfoliating & Nourishing Hand + Foot Cream :

This cream has ingredients like aloe Vera, lemon, milk, butter and essential oils that give your hand and feet silky smooth feeling and bright glow. The cream has its unique scrub off formula which gently removes dirt and dead skin with regular use. This cream works really well in this season. It helps to removes dry spots and makes your hand and feet moisturized and hydrated. You can see the difference within days. This cream is 100% Organic like their any other products. Apply the cream on your feet, then wear socks to get more smooth feet.

Hand + Foot cream

Lip Balm:

As you all know that lip skin is super sensitive especially in winter. It is very hard to keep your lips smooth and moisturized in this season. Nature charms organic lip balm is formulated with hydrating oils, rich butters, honey which is very good for dry chapped lips and removed dead layer effectively. Their lip balm smell delicious, like strawberries and give your lips subtle shine. Shea butter, Almond oil, herbs, honey and bees wax are the main ingredients of this lip balm. 

After trying this cream and lip balm I would love to try their serums too.

Lip balm

In a Nutshell:

In a nutshell I would highly recommend you the exfoliating & nourishing hand + foot cream and the lip balm it is very effective in this winter season, makes your skin silky smooth. They need to improve their packaging other than that their products are good and effective.

Stay tuned for more blog ❤


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