Native.Core Leather Sling Bag

Hello! lovely people. Hope you guys having an amazing day. So today my blog is about @native.core a Pakistani brand. I’m going to review their leather sling bag in this blog. Let’s get started.


Native.core take pride in contributing towards the competitiveness of Pakistan’s leather sector by offering elegant, stylish and premium quality leather products at affordable prices. By working with highly talented artisans, they have developed a variety of Mens and Women’s leather bags, leather travel Wallets, Card holders, laptop bags, leather Padfolios and Leather Key chains etc handcrafted by Native artisans produced from native leather.





Leather Sling bag:

A classic leather sling bag in natural grained leather. The hand stitched bag features a magnetic button closure, multiple slip pockets, a inner zipped compartment with removable shoulder strap This sling bag is big enough to carry a 14โ€ laptop, your ipad, note books, and your makeup essentials but still sleek. It look elegant and classy. Leather bags are very famous, they make you look fashionable even when you are wearing simple clothes… Etc. Leather bags are trendy in all season.

Leather Sling Bag

The sling bag is very comfortable and easy to carry all your necessary things without making any damage. These bags are portable and reliable.
4 Reasons to choose leather bags:

Durability: Leather bags are famous for its durability. These will outlast synthetic, faux leather and plastic anytime. It also can survive weather and climate changes better than other material.

Protection: Leather acts as natural as a shield and to a limit act as water resistant. Goat Leather bags usually wonโ€™t crack even with the rough use.

Comfort: You cannot beat it with leather boots. Leather bags are best in comfort.

Overall satisfaction: Believe it or not, but leather bags make you look elegant and stylish no matter what you are carrying.

My Recommendation:

According to a market survey in comparison of other material bags, leather bags are more preferable in youth and professional men’s and housewives. So I would highly recommend you these leather bags. 

Most of us prefer online shopping so these bags are easy to buy online on various shopping websites such as native.core. So go get yours.

Hope this help you.


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