Dastdoz.Co Debut Collection 2016

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Debut Collection 2016

Few days back I received a package from @dastdoz.co Brand. They make handmade sandals in Pakistan. The package contains two pair of sandals, a handwritten note and Ferrero’s Rocher. The things looks ggorgeous.


Dastdoz.co is the name of premium quality footwear handcrafted by talented artisan of Pakistan. Their Debut Collection 2016 is simple yet classy and very appealing.


The packaging was decent, the sandals came in indigo color boxes, Simple yet classy packaging. The boxes were solid and of good quality.


I received two pair of flats and they were named as “AVIAN” and “TANGY BLUE”, interesting names. 

Avian was in grey and black color with two strap and a bit of metal touch in the middle of the sandal. The sole was hard and strong, but it was not hurting at all Actually it was very comfortable and easy to walk with. Avian is decent and classy in its own way.


Tangy Blue was shiny blue in color. It has two blue color strap in front and one at the back. I really likes it the way it looks very simple and yet elegant. As Avian it was comfortable too. You can wear Tangy Blue and Avian both with any type of cloths either Eastern or Western clothes, they compliment both the type of  clothes very well. 

Tangy Blue

My Recommendation:

These sandals are very good, if you don’t want to wear high heels or when you get tired of heels. They are perfect when you are in a hurry to go some where. Their prices are reasonable, not to high and not to low. I would highly recommend this brands sandals to you guys. So go grab yours now.

Dastdoz.co details:

Find dastdoz.co on Instagram and Facebook And order your pair of sandals now. They are based in Lahore. Dastdoz.co currently do not have outlet but they do take order through their Facebook page. Their website will be launch soon.

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Syeda Simra



One thought on “Dastdoz.Co Debut Collection 2016

  1. This is a nice review of them! I would recommend including information about whether they are true to size and more specific prices than “not too low and not too high.” I’m in the process of completing a couple of reviews myself right now!

    I just relaunched my blog (formerly FrugalMissKris) to http://www.TheKristinReview.com I would love if you would check it out and maybe even give a follow 🙂

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