My Review on an online store

The Vintage Nerd – Art shop


  Hello Everyone! I’m back again with a blog post. In this blog I’m going to       review a few things that I’ve got from an online store. So let’s get started. ☺


The Vintage Nerd is an artist in love with creating art! Bold, intricate, one of a kind art and design pieces in rich, vibrant colors for fashion & home decor products.

Style of Work:

Her work revolves around creating art pieces through the intermingling of various, free hand drawn illustrative elements, finished in mix medium creating an over all rhythmic as well as thematic composition.
The Vintage Nerd work is experimental and conceptual in nature and mostly has a mandala as a central element with every other element/s acting in support to it.


Their work is divided into 3 segments,

1.wearable art ( silk stoles )

2. The Zen Collection ( paintings , mugs , totes etc as well as other home decor products )

3. Recycled ( a line of decor products created from recycled materials, 100% decorative and innovative. Includes bowls , decorative containers , keychains, gifts boxes etc).




Kik: thevintagenerd

Online stores:

Thing’s I’ve got:

1) silk stole (wearable art)

2) Keychain (recycled)

My Review:

Silk Stole:

The silk stole was awesome. It was really soft easy to carry and the art work makes it more beautiful. The stole borders were rounded with colorful lace. The stole can be used in many ways, it can complement your white shirt or dress and adds life to it. I would highly recommend you this silk stole.


The keychain was beautiful, it was made by using recycled products like newspapers, old flowers (dough) and they used pretty little stems. I really like the idea of creating new things by using old/recycled products. You can use the keychain for your door keys or your school locker etc.
I really love their products. Their things are very colorful and vibrant which look good to your eyes. Their service is good, and the packaging is so cute. I would highly recommend you guys to shop from their store.

Syeda Simra


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