Product Review:


Hello wonderful people! I am back with a new blog post. In this blog I’m going to review Mustela samples.

Things I’ve got:

1:Creme Change 

vitamin barier cream prevents/ relieves/ repairs.

2: Dermo Cleansing

Cleans and protects from birth on.

3: Massage Oil :

its nourish and soothes skin.

4: 2 in 1 cream

it’s gently cleanser/ hair and body wash.

5: Stelatopia Cream 

it’s softening cream especially for dry skin.

Info: It’s not just a pakistani brand.Its a wordwilde brand you can find these products easily all around the world.

Review :
the cream are wondeful. The fragrance is awesome. I really love their product. These products are best for new born babies and mother to be. They have awesome collection. These products are not only for babies you can apply it on your own skin.I applied it on skin and I can see the difference in 2 days. My skin looks more hydrated and soft.

Check the link below where you can find mustela.

About Mustela :

Mustela has specialized in skincare products for babies for more than 60 years, carrying out new research in an on-going effort to better understand the needs of the delicate skin of babies. Drawing on this unique expertise that it is evident through new discoveries, Mustela can provide all babies and their mothers with with increasingly effective, safe and natural care.


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