4 Teenage Skin Care Tips

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Teenage skin

Teenage is a complex time as far as beauty and beauty care is concerned. A suitable skin regimen that you inculcate today will result in beautifully flawless skin tomorrow. A special teenage skin care (preferably natural) routine is essential to address all teenage skin problems. Cosmetic creams will only make the condition worse. Plus they weigh your wallet down. Teenage skin care is not tough. One just needs to be patient, determined and dedicated.We have put together a special teenage skin care routine tips just for you!
1. Don’t touch your face

This is one mistake that almost all teenagers indulge in.Without a doubt one of the biggest mistakes to make. It is best to stop picking, squeezing and playing with their face often. Touching your face too often pops up pimples – making the condition worse. Make a resolution. Promise yourself not to touch your face other than while washing, moisturizing and putting on your makeup​

2. Ushe sunscreen

Your skin actually screams for sunscreen. It is an essential part of every person’s skin care routine, let alone teenagers. For teenagers, their skin is young, delicate and fresh. So why let the harmful UV rays ruin it? Avoiding your sunscreen lotion may result into premature aging signs later in life. Trust me, that is much more difficult to tackle or prevent. Never step out without face and body sunscreen.

3. Mind the cosmetics you use

Teenage means excessive oily face for many. With an oily face, it is difficult to wear makeup without it melting away. Mind what you buy very careful. Choose a good matte moisturizer or a compact to combat oiliness. Excess oil secretion can also cause angry pimples. Try and select cosmetics that are paraben free, chemical free and gentle on your skin. It is, in fact, best advised to consult your dermatologist before choosing your skin care and makeup cosmetics.

4. Other pointers for teenage skin care

    Make sure you wash your face twice daily. Invest in a good facial cleanser.

    Splash your face many times with plain cold water to prevent dirt and excess oiliness from settling on your face.

    Follow a strict cleansing, toning and moisturising routine every morning and night, without fail.

    Exfoliate at least once every week.

    Stay away from junk food, they only add and contribute to pimples and acne.

    Drink lots of water to keep your system and skin well-hydrated. A well hydrated system can combat pimples and acne better.

    Sleep at least for 8 hours and avoid getting stressed.

    Minimise makeup usage to occasions when it is really needed. Excess makeup adds to oiliness and results in pimples, acne and other skin problems. It is damaging for your young skin too.

    Don’t get too worked up or hypersensitive about things. These too add to your skin problems

Following these skin care tips today will help keep your skin beautiful and healthy tomorrow.

After all teenage beauty is something that would never come back. So preserve it till the day you can.

Tell us about your teenage skin problems? What regimen do you follow? Try the above tips and tell us how they worked for you by leaving comments below.


6 thoughts on “4 Teenage Skin Care Tips

  1. Seriously great tips!

    I’m not a teenager, but I’d like to add three things… face washes with salicylic acid work wonders for skin that’s prone to breakouts. And I’d recommend a toner with alcohol to kill pimple-causing bacteria. Another thing that really works is nappy rash cream! Nappy rash creams contain zinc oxide (it’s usually the second ingredient listed after ‘aqua’) which is proven to help skin heal. In addition, creams with zinc oxide also dry out pimples! That’s two birds with one stone. 🙂 And nappy rash cream also contain anti-bacterial ingredients which can reduce breakouts. On top of that, nappy rash creams are super gentle and they can even be used around the eyes – after all these creams are made for newborns. 🙂

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