Justin Bieber Refuses Fan’s Hug Request

Justin bieber

Beliebers, don’t even bother asking Justin Bieber for a hug. The answer is still “no.”
New footage doing the rounds of social media shows the Canadian pop star working his way through shopping racks among fans, one of whom summoned the courage to ask for a hug. She got a two-letter answer. Bieber’s curt response isn’t as much a surprise as it is to see the celebrity out clothes shopping like the rest of us. Though this wasn’t just any store. The Bieber spotting happened in Barney’s, the department store which has just announced a range in support of his Purpose Tour XO.

Back in March, the singer announced he was done with getting cosy with his fans and canceled all future meet-and-greets. He shared a post explaining his close encounters with fans left him feeling “mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression” and that he was fed up with feeling “drained and unhappy” from other people’s “spiritual energy”.

Bieber had a brief outburst on stage last week when a fan tossed a hat on stage. “I probably don’t want that shit,” said Bieber while performing Friday night at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, N.J. He quickly added, “sorry, that was mean.”


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